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The following tools and resources are available to assist in the accurate costing of EC H2020 projects, including ERC 2016 Starting Investigator, Consolidator and Advanced Investigator calls.

For information on the various calls available under the EC Horizon 2020 programme, please follow this link.

EC Costing Tools and Resources

Principal Investigator and RGA ERC Costing sheets - the purpose of these resources is to best prepare both PI and RGA for preliminary discussions on resource and eligibility issues for new ERC applications. They cover a variety of important issues relevant to EC funding, and can help mitigate financial risk for all parties. Versions are specific to ERC funding calls:

ERC Advanced Grant 2016

ERC Starting Investigator Grant 2017

ERC Consolidator Grant 2017

ERC Budget Table - the ERC budget table available from the Participant Portal is of Microsoft Word format. This can often lead to manual calculation errors, which this Excel version seeks to address.

ERC Budget Rec - this document is intended to assist RGAs working on ERC budgets. The working budget maps into the ERC budget table, simplifying the process of inputting figures into the ERC application form. The standalone ERC budget table, without corresponding working document, is also available above.

EC Third Party Categorisation Flowchart - this document can be used to determine the appropriate categorisation of third party involvement with EC grants, and is applicable to most EC grants with the exception of MSCAs.

EC Cribsheets

ERC Advanced Call 2016 - this call closed on 1 September 2016. The indicative start date for successful proposals is September 2017.

ERC Consolidator Call 2017 - this call closed on 9 February 2017. The indicative start date for successful proposals is May 2018. 

ERC Starting Call 2017 - this call closed on 18 October 2016. The indicative start date for successful proposals is February 2018.