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Starting Certificates

Starting Certificates

Awards funded by RCUK require a Start Certificate to be submitted via JeS, which confirms acceptance of the award and its associated terms and conditions, as well as providing a final start date for the award.

The completion of the Start Certificate falls under the remit of the Research Operations Office, rather than the Award Holder or Department, though the latter will determine the start date by charging expenditure to the award.

Awards may not be started in any other way, without prior approval from the Research Council.

Key points to note:

  • The notional award start date and duration are specified in the offer letter.
  • The start of the award may be delayed by up to 3 months from the start date shown in the offer letter, the duration of the grant remaining unchanged.

  • The Start Confirmation must be submitted within 42 (calendar) days of the research/training starting and the start date shown on the start confirmation will be regarded as the start date of the grant. The grant may lapse if it is not started within this period.

  • The start of the grant may precede the start date shown in the offer letter, but must not be earlier than the date of the offer letter itself.

  • The start of the grant should be defined as follows:

    For research grants with DI staff: the date on which the first DI staff supported by the grant start work;

    For research grants with DI staff, but where it is intended that staff should not be in post at the start of the grant: the date on which expenditure on any other DI or DA (excluding estates) heading first occurs;

    For research grants without DI staff: the date on which any DI or DA (excluding estates) expenditure first occurs.


Please note: Expenditure may be incurred prior to the start of the grant and be subsequently charged to the grant, provided that it does not precede the date of the offer letter.