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The Leverhulme Trust

The Leverhulme Trust fund a range of schemes across the academic lifecycle, including Fellowships, Prizes, Project Grants and Visiting Professorships.

Terms and conditions vary significantly by scheme; it is recommended that these are thoroughly reviewed by Department Research Grant Administrators at the point of award.

The complete set of terms and conditions by scheme can be found here.

Reporting Requirements

Every award made by the Leverhulme Trust has scheme specific reporting requirements - either scientific, financial, or both. 

The Principal Investigator should be made aware of when these reports are due and what content is expected, at the outset of the award.

The complete set of reporting requirements by scheme can be found here.


Payment of Research Expenses to Award Holder:

The following schemes allow for the award holder to receive payments for Research Expenses directly: Early Career Fellowship, Emeritus Fellowship, International Academic Fellowship, Research Fellowship.

Alternatively these funds can be administered by the Institution.

In both cases, a form must be completed and returned to the Leverhulme Trust. These can be found here.


Early Career Fellowship

Unlike other Leverhulme Trust awards, this Fellowship works on the basis of matched funding with the Isaac Newton Trust. 

In order to avoid complications during the award lifecycle, it is essential that the submitted payroll form (CHRIS/10 section F) splits the cost of the Fellow between the two source of funds.