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Start Certificates

Awards funded by the Wellcome Trust require a Start Certificate to be submitted, which confirms acceptance of the award and its associated terms and conditions.

Key points to note:

  • The notional grant start date and grant duration are specified in the letter of award.
  • The actual grant start date can be deferred by up to 12 months. The grant duration will remain unchanged, thereby allowing the grant end date to be put back by an equivalent number of months.
  • The grant is deemed to have formally started when the first post holder is appointed.
  • The start date of the grant should be entered on the Grant Start Certificate.
  • The official grant end date is determined by the actual start date plus grant duration. This will not be changed unless specifically requested by the grantholder.

The completion of the Start Certificate falls under the remit of the Research Operations Office, rather than the Award Holder or Department.

No payments can be made for an award until the Start Certificate is submitted and accepted by the Wellcome Trust.