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Open Access and Data Management

Managing Open Access and Research Data on EC Grants

In line with many other sponsors, the EC are focused on provision of open access to scientific publications where they have provided funding for the research. Under FP7, open access was not mandatory unless special clause 39 was included in individual Grant Agreements. Under H2020, this has changed and all EC projects must ensure open access to research articles is provided.

Grant holders can choose the most appropriate level of open access, either Green or Gold, and any associated costs of publishing research articles with open access can be included in the project budget for EC funding.

The EC do not currently insist on research data being available in an open access format but are conducting a pilot study to investigate whether it would be viable to do so. The pilot study aims to improve and maximise access to and re-use of research data generated by H2020 project, considering the need to balance transparency with protection of information, privacy and security.

Applicants under the H2020 work programme can volunteer to be part of this pilot study, and would need to develop a Data Management Plan outlining what data will be produced by the project, what methodology will be used, and what data will be made accessible and how. The costs associated with data management, including any costs of the Data Management Plan if applicable, can be included as eligible costs on H2020 grants.

Full details of the current EC guidance on open access and data management can be found in the H2020 online manual.

HEFCE policy also requires all accepted, peer reviewed articles and conference proceedings be kept in an open access repository in order to be eligible in the next Research Excellence Framework, and the University has valuable support available for researchers to ensure open access and data management funder requirements are met. To find out more about making your research publications open access, please visit

The University also offer advice on research data management, and support can be found at