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Making Amendments to an EC project

It is possible to request amendments to the Grant Agreement, where a significant change is anticipated or required on a research grant. Requests for amendments must be submitted to the EC in good time prior to the change being implemented, to allow time for review and analysis.

Amendments are usually instigated by project beneficiaries, but may be also be proposed by the EC where changes are required e.g. to correct errors or to amend the Annex 1 after a review of activity. Amendments cannot be suggested where the change proposed would have had an impact on the Commission’s decision to award funding.

If the research grant is held by a consortium, it is prudent to ensure partners are in agreement with the proposed changes before any amendment request is submitted to the EC.

Reasons for requesting an amendment include:

  • Change to Annex 1 – Description of Work, e.g. altering methodology, technical outputs or tasks
  • Addition of a beneficiary
  • Termination of a beneficiary
  • Change of coordinator or host institution
  • Addition/reduction of subcontracting costs or third party in-kind contributions
  • Change of duration, start date or reporting periods – extensions to durations can be requested where justified
  • Amendment to resume project activity after a suspension

Changes where an amendment isn’t needed

Several potential changes do not require a formal amendment process, though it is always advisable to keep the EC informed of any deviations from the Annex 1 Description of Work. Please contact the HSS School Research Team to discuss any specific situation on a project which may require an amendment. The following circumstances do not generally require an amendment:

  • Change in project Personnel – if named Personnel are replaced during the project, or staff posts are revised to allow more effective delivery of project outputs, no amendment is required. Similarly if staff posts are shorter or longer than originally anticipated, no amendment is required, though the EC will still expect the costs of any changes to be within the original budget awarded.
  • Virement of costs between cost headings – transferring budget between activities is permitted, so long as project outputs aren’t detrimentally affected e.g. a saving made on Equipment costs could be utilised to extend a member of staff’s contract under Personnel. The exceptions to virement are 1) moving funds to or from Subcontracting or Third Party in-kind contributions, 2) introducing a new activity heading
  • Transfers of budget between beneficiaries – on projects involving a consortium, the budget may be reallocated between partners where necessary. Usually, consortia projects will be governed by a General Assembly of partners who can review and make decisions regarding any proposed transfers.

How to request an amendment

Prior to requesting any amendment to an EC project, please ensure the Research Operations Office EC team is informed. The ROO can provide assistance in progressing the amendment and in communicating with the EC. If working on a consortium project, please also ensure the Coordinator is aware of the planned amendment request.

Amendments are submitted differently depending on whether the project is an FP7 or H2020 grant. For FP7 projects, amendment requests are flagged directly to the EC Project Officer, who will email the details of any documentation required to create the formal amendment request. For H2020 projects, it is necessary to submit any amendment requests via the EC Participant Portal, by launching a new interaction (see Using the Participant Portal for details).