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Eligibility Chart

Standard research funding schemes for the arts, humanities and social sciences


This table gives an overview of some of the most popular funding schemes in the arts, humanities and social sciences and a starting point for checking your eligibility. There are likely to be additional subject-specific funding schemes in your research areas. These tend to be less competitive and can be found via Research Professional alongside all other funding options for UK researchers.

It's crucial to check funder eligibility before starting the application process.  

Commonly, funder eligibility criteria refer to

  • time since PhD (please note that some funders make allowances for career breaks or parental leave);
  • whether or not you presently have a University affiliation;
  • whether you have a permanent or temporary contract.
Guidance for College Employees

If you're a College employee, please check the specific guidance provided.


To begin:

  • the CTO needs to discuss her/his application plans with the planned host Faculty as well as the College (Bursar and Senior Tutor) as early as possible and seek approvals;

  • the Faculty needs to approve the funding application following standard University and Faculty policies in order for application to be approved and submitted by Research Operations Office (ROO).

Internal Processes


For all funding applications, check with your Departmental Research Grant Administrator regarding internal deadlines and sign-off procedures. Don't forget that the Research Operations Office operates an internal deadline in advance of the funder deadline.


Research funding comes in many forms: if you're unsure what you're looking for, the information further down this page may be a good starting point. For all applications, the timeline below gives a general outline of the major steps involved.

Getting your research funded - an interactive timeline

[click on image to enlarge].