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Social and Economic Inequality


Centre of Development Studies

Director: Dr Ha-Joon Chang, Faculty of Economics

Keywords: development studies, interdisciplinary, politics, Middle East, ecosystems, Latin America, economics, India, China, South Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, Africa, finance, banking, education, sociology, state-civil society relations, social movements, labour relations, human rights, equality, poverty, well-being, ethics, sustainable development, security, democracy, Global South, gender, ethnicity, kinship, environmental policies, political philosophy, welfare states, social mobility, corruption, environmental crime, heritage crime, happiness, justice, freedom, law, globalisation, agriculture, food security, religion, applied economics, migration


Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Executive Director: Robert Wardrop, Judge Business School

Keywords: international, interdisciplinary, innovation, regional development, cognitive behaviour, alternative finance, online, marketplace, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, lending, third-party payment, mini-bonds, private placements, shadow banking, social impact bonds, community shares, non-profit, alternative currency, Bitcoin, asset pricing, data


Centre for India and Global Innovation

Director: Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Judge Business School

Keywords: India, economics, democracy, information technology, bio-technology, manufacturing, innovation,


Centre for Rising Powers

Director: Dr Kun-Chin Lin, Department of Politics and International Studies

Keywords: interdisciplinary, global order, faith and markets, global economic governance, maritime governance, resilience and sustainable development, international relations, economics, politics, India, China, Latin America



Societies, Markets, States

Researcher: Dr Alex Jeffrey, Thomas Jackson, Department of Geography

Keywords: economy, market, re-working citizenship, global urbanization, geopolitics, development, aid, risk, resilience, precarity, vulnerability, state building, governance, socioeconomic change, welfare, labour, inequality, public policy, citizenship, gender, race, ethnicity, class, justice, injustice, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latin America, India, Africa, the Caribbean, Arctic



Microfinance and the illusion of development: from hubris to nemesis in thirty years

Researcher: Dr Ha Joon Chang, Faculty of Economics

Keywords: microfinance, microcredit, neoliberalism, impact, poverty, development


Informal Finance in China: Risks, Potential and Transformation  

Researcher: Professor Simon Deakin, Faculty of Law

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Keywords: China, market economy, informal finance, crowd funding, risk, regulation


Labour Law, Development and poverty alleviation in low and middle-income countries

Researcher: Professor Simon Deakin, Faculty of Law

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Keywords: labour law, Cambodia, China, India, South Africa, poverty, equality


Nudging towards a better financial future: applying behavioural insights in the development of financial systems in rural China

Researcher: Dr Helen Xiaohui Bao, Department of Land Economy

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Keywords: China, behavioural finance and economics, rural poverty, inequality, nudge theory, social psychology, development studies



If you are looking for expertise not shown on these pages, please contact the School Research Facilitators.

If you are a University of Cambridge researcher in the arts, humanities or social sciences and would like us to include a link to your profile, project or Centre on these pages, please contact the School Research Facilitators. A set of resources to assist in applying for research funding for international development projects (e.g. around the Global Challenges Research Fund) is available under AHSS Resources.