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Centre for Natural Materials and Structures

Director: Dr Michael Ramage, Faculty of Architecture and History of Art

Keywords: design, construction, natural materials, traditional methods, contemporary architecture, sustainable, affordable, renewables, energy efficiency, NGOs, Latin America, innovation, bamboo


Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

Director: Professor Jorge Vinuales, Department of Land Economy

Keywords: environment, energy, natural resources, governance, environmental transitions, law, environment-driven societal transformation, policy, sustainability, agriculture, innovation, climate change, conservation, natural science, engineering



The interaction of ICT networks structure and downstream trade flows: two case studies from India (IRuralNet)

Researcher: Dr Shailaja Fennell, Department of Land Economy

Funder: UK-India Education and Research Initiative

Keywords: ICT, India, trade


Food Globalisation in Prehistory (FOGLIP)

Researcher: Professor Martin Jones, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Funder: European Research Council (ERC)

Keywords: archaeobotany, genetics, stable isotope analyses, ethno-archaeology, Eurasia, early globalisation,
Kazakhstan, China, palaeoclimatic analyses



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If you are a University of Cambridge researcher in the arts, humanities or social sciences and would like us to include a link to your profile, project or Centre on these pages, please contact the School Research Facilitators. A set of resources to assist in applying for research funding for international development projects (e.g. around the Global Challenges Research Fund) is available under AHSS Resources.