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Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Research

School Research Facilitators

School Research Facilitators (UK, EU and Overseas)

Please contact the School Research Facilitators to:

  • discuss how to translate a research idea into a project that fits funders' requirements
  • learn about suitable funding options for your research plans
  • seek support with the writing of applications and and feedback on draft applications
  • seek advice on funding bodies and their funding schemes
  • build and fund a research network for interdisciplinary research, international projects, etc.
  • submit a proposal to the University's internal peer review to receive first-hand comments from reviewers.

UK Funding

Dr Anna Cieslik
+44 (0)1223 761365

EU and International Funding

Dr Elizabeth Penner
+44 (0)1223 331803

Research Impact Facilitators

Research Impact Facilitators (Arts and Humanities/ Social Sciences)

The Arts and Humanities & Social Sciences Impact Facilitators are available to: 

  • provide specialist advice and support to researchers who are preparing funding applications with impact components, including feedback services for those writing ‘Pathways to Impact’ documents for AHRC and ESRC bids
  • meet with researchers one-to-one, to identify and explore impact opportunities arising from current and prospective research plans
  • deliver bespoke impact training sessions for Faculties and Departments
  • facilitate applications to internal funding schemes, including the Arts and Humanities Impact Fund and ESRC IAA 
  • advise on designing and evaluating public engagement events for maximum impact
  • help connect researchers with interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral organisations and networks, to add breadth and variety to impact work

Please note that the Arts and Humanities Impact Facilitator should be contacted in respect of research that falls within the AHRC disciplinary space and the Social Sciences Impact Facilitator for work in the ESRC disciplines

    Arts and Humanities

    Dr Benedict Kent
    +44 (0)1223 764079 

    Social Sciences

    Dr J.K. Tina Basi
    +44 (0)1223 762691    

    Faculty-based Research Grant Administrators

    Across the institutions of the School of Arts and Humanities and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences administrative staff provide insitutional support for the planning and preparation of research grant applications and awards.


    School of Arts and Humanities

    Faculty of Architecture and History of Art Allison Ksiazkiewicz
    Faculty of Classics Catherine Norman
    Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Catherine Norman
    Faculty of Divinity Catherine Norman
    Faculty of English Catherine Norman
    Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics  Sarah Stanbridge
    Faculty of Music Catherine Norman
    Faculty of Philosophy Catherine Norman
    CRASSH Mette Rokkum Jamasb


    School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

    Faculty of Economics Craig Langton
    Faculty of Education David Carter
    Faculty of History Allison Ksiazkiewicz
    Faculty of Law Rosie Snajdr
    Institute of Criminology Anna Zofka
    Department of Land Economy Mick Carr


    Faculty of Human, Social and Political Science

    Department of Sociology Dan Jones
    Department of POLIS Dan Jones
    Department of Archaeology Katherine Boyle
    McDonald Institute Nicholas Ward
    Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Tessa Jones
    Department of Social Anthropology Tessa Jones
    Mongolian and Inner Asia Studies Unit Libby Peachey
    HSS School Research Grant Administrators

    School of the Humanities and Social Sciences - School Research Team

    About the team: 

    This team provides dedicated research grant support and expertise to Research Grants Administrators and academics within the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences’ departments, faculties and centres.

    They assist with the preparation of complex applications - budgets, eligibility of costs, X5 - and with post award activities and management. Assistance is given in resolving administrative issues throughout the project lifecycle.

    The team proactively engages with the changing regulatory framework of research grants and generates relevant information / resources to support an efficient, accurate application / grant management process.

    Who to contact:

    The team is led by Daniel Starling, Senior School Research Grant Administrator, who can be contacted for expertise and guidance on both research grant applications and best practice in grant management.

    Fiona Shirk, School Research Grant Assistant, is the primary contact for advice on, and the costing of, research grant applications. Assistance is offered either remotely or by site visit. Queries can be received on all pre award matters. Bespoke training on the X5 system is offered to both new and existing users.

    Contact Details:

    Senior School Research Grant Administrator Daniel Starling

    01223 768021

    School Research Grant Assistant  Vacant



    The School Research Team can also be contacted through its regularly monitored joint inbox: