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Research Funding and Strategic Initiatives

Cambridge Digital Humanities


Face-2-Face support and feedback

Cambridge Digital Humanities (CDH) offers a number of educational events and training to support the development of digital humanities projects at Cambridge University: CDH Labs, CDH Learning and the Cambridge Data Schools.The Labs team meet with PIs to discuss the digital humanities components of their projects and can provide guidance and sometimes allocate some RSE time to develop ideas around tools and methods. For projects that are well developed CDH offers to set up round table discussions, inviting specialists to participate and discuss a strategy for approaching funders.

The Learning Programme and Data Schools are also an important source of practical hands-on sessions using DH tools and methodology.

Development for the Digital Humanities (Recorded Lectures)


Interested in creating a digital humanities project?

Undertaking your first digital humanities project can be a daunting task. Development for the Digital Humanities has produced a recorded lecture series to help researchers transform research questions into digital humanities questions. The following topics are addressed:

  • Discovering the Digital Humanities
  • Designing Your First Project
  • Project Teams and Partners
  • Digital Humanities Products
  • Manage your Project
  • Thinking about Data
  • Publicity Campaigns
  • Evaluation

The Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap

The Visual Media Workshop, University of Pittsburgh

Sustainability of digital projects plays a significant role in the design of your digital humanities initiative.

Digital humanities projects can, and should, have a variety of expectations of longevity, and these expectations should match individual intellectual and technological goals as well as a realistic assessment of funding opportunities. The Visual Media Workshop at the University of Pittsburgh has developed a series of modules designed to:

  • help you scope your project, its vision, and its sustainability goals;
  • document your staff and your technologies;
  • create a list of concrete sustainability actions to be taken.