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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Funding and Strategic Initiatives

Guidance for Aspiring and Current Principal Investigators

This suite of guidance addresses many of the areas that you may come across while seeking research funding, while setting up your project and team, when managing staff, finances and project activities, producing publications, impact activities as well as reporting on finances and project outputs.


We strongly advise that you read through the various segments before planning and submitting a research grant application, to ensure that you have thought through the whole grant lifecycle.

This will help you to adequately plan your project from the outset, enhance your chances of success and make it easier to manage the project once awarded.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Starting Out

Chapter 3: Research Contracts

Chapter 4: Human Resources

Chapter 5: Financial

Chapter 6: Project Management

Chapter 7: Communications and IT

Chapter 8: Publications and Research Data

Chapter 9: Reporting

Chapter 10: Audits