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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Funding and Strategic Initiatives

Lead name: Profs Monica Moreno-Figueroa and Manali Desai  

Department: Sociology, RAISE  


  • Area Studies, Global Inequality and Economic Development  
  • Social, cultural, economic transformations
  • Conflict, Conservation, Environmental Policy and Climate Justice
  • Technology, Knowledge and Human Development 
  • Legacies of the Past or Historical Transitions
  • Healthy Lives

Professors Monica Moreno-Figueroa and Manali Desai from the Department of Sociology lead this important new project. As part of the activities of the new Cambridge Institute for Research on Race, Anti-Racism, Inequality and Social Exclusion (RAISE), we are aiming to create a space for researchers to explore and incorporate intersectional anti-racist perspectives into their academic work. 

Through a series of 12 seminars and workshops, inclusive of two keynote lectures over two years, participants will discuss various aspects of the research process, including project conception, methodology, team building, impact planning, writing-up, dissemination, and publication. The discussions will be recorded, transcribed, and published to create a collective resource supporting the development of a consistent and rigorous approach to integrating 'race' perspectives within research across the Humanities and Social Sciences at Cambridge.