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Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Funding and Strategic Initiatives

Area studies, global inequality and economic development

Keywords:  area studies, inequalities, cross-cutting, social justice, ‘development’, decolonisation, co-creation, historical

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Summary of Plan



Projects in this theme

Colonial natures

Exploring the links between historic colonialism and the modern climate crisis.

Entangled Futures Network

Analysing the big issues in 21st-century politics through decolonial, anti-racist, and feminist perspectives.

Global governance: critical understanding of crises and displacement

Analysis of the issues facing refugees around the world, and how we can support them. 

Indian Democracy and the New Global Order

An exploration of India's increasing prominence on the political and economic stage, and the implications for India and the world.


A study of how reproduction influences subjects from politics to environmentalism.

Consortium of the Global South

A multidisciplinary project exploring developing countries' approach to issues such as the environment, wealth inequality, and conflict resolution. 


Thinking Us: developing intersectional antiracist agendas in research

Providing an anti-racist framework for research in other fields.