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Research Funding and Strategic Initiatives
Research Framework

The HSS Research Framework thematic focus groups held in May 2022 highlighted a widespread desire to understand our ‘post-COVID’ research landscape at Cambridge and the opportunities for further HSS collaboration and leadership.

Researchers flagged the benefits of having a ‘living map’ of research interests, expertise and collaborations to support (re)connecting researchers and to (re)invigorate research activity across the Humanities and Social Sciences, and potentially beyond.

Initial seed funding to explore the creation of a mapping tool was agreed by the Council of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences in late June 2022. After background research and conversations with developers (Greater Than the Sum using Kumu Inc.), development has commenced and we are now working on a prototype HSS Interactive Mapping Tool. 

The goal of the project is to create an innovative, living support tool for researchers to use in understanding research activities, mapping and developing research networks, exploring collaborations, and developing research projects. Through the mapping tool researchers can begin to visualise and build research networks, identify researchers to connect with, filter according to research topics, funders, places, publications and much more to identify potential collaborators and better understand our complex research landscape and potential opportunities.

The School’s aim is to develop this together with researchers and we welcome your contributions and feedback as this process unfolds and builds.


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